New Strip carpets added

Over the weekend, Suni and I made a trek up and down the Las Vegas Strip. Of course, I took a few pictures of new carpets at the MGM Grand, Flamingo, and Harrah’s, as well as Planet Hollywood. See them all here: Die is Cast casino carpet gallery 1 In the meantime, here’s a teaser: […]


Vegas carpet in Wired

There’s another article about casino carpet available today–this is a little piece in Wired magazine: “The carpets definitely play a big part in keeping the town as surreal as it is,” said Maluszynski by e-mail. “Thought has been given to the carpeting by people who want to create this special atmosphere, [one] that defines Vegas […]


Best carpet ever

If nothing else, today I learned that I’m not the only one with casino carpet as a wall decoration (three guesses about which carpet it is). I got an email from a gentleman whose father manufactured carpets during the 1950s and 1960s. He made this one for an unknown Las Vegas casino, and now it’s […]


Casino carpet game

Here is a cool way for you to waste some more time at work: A Las Vegas version of the classic "Concentration" game with images of Las Vegas Casino Carpets. Uncover all of the blocks by matching the pictures of the Casino Carpets. Coolvegasmap – Las Vegas Picture Game – Casino Carpet Pictures. Have fun!


Queen for a day

Interesting piece in the LA Times today about yet another one-day casino: Las Vegas casino openings typically demand red carpets, cocktail parties, celebrity guest lists and fireworks. But not so at the Queen of Hearts — it's a one-day casino. This spartan, eight-hour event is everything the Strip is not: small, unpretentious and quiet, with […]


RGJ on casino carpet

The RGJ quoted me extensively in a piece on, what else, casino carpets last week. Here’s a sample: Casino carpeting is a hobby for Schwartz. He has posted shots of casino carpets throughout the nation on his Web site www.dieiscast.com. They’re wild and bright and follow a Nevada tradition that at least dates back to […]


New casino carpet

I’ve managed to squeeze in some time to update the carpet gallery. I’ve got new shots of the Excalibur, Luxor, Monte Carlo, Palazzo, and tons more in the Strip gallery. I’ve also streamlined the downtown gallery and placed all non-Strip, non-downtown carpets in the Clark County gallery. Plus I’ve added a Hall of Fame with […]


Strip shell game!

It’s hard to believe, but one of the oldest gambling con games is alive and well in the shadow of the Las Vegas Strip. I snapped some pictures of a shell game in action on Monday between the Tropicana and Hooters. Technically that’s not the Strip, but it’s in the Strip tourist corridor, so the […]


Too much spare time

These days, I consider myself lucky if I have time to sleep. So I was a bit taken aback to learn, through some completely serendipitous web browsing, that some people, calling themselves lotologists, have invented a new hobby. From Word Spy: lotologist (law.TAWL.uh.jist) n. A person who collects new and used lottery tickets. Word Spy […]


A Tale of Two Cities

I think these two stories illustrate the differences between Atlantic City and Las Vegas. A major property in one is bringing itself boldly into post-1991 style, while the other is redefining the casino resort. First things first from the Press: “Purple and pink. Aye-yai-yai-yai-yai,” Mark Juliano moaned with obvious displeasure. “Have you ever seen so […]