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This is it...the notorious casino carpet gallery: NINE (9!) pages of casino carpeting and nothing but.

Read an essay about casino carpet here.

While you're on the site, check out the blog, particulary if you're interested in gambling/Las Vegas/Atlantic City/books/writing or learning more about my work.

gallery 1
Carpet Gallery 2: Downtown Las Vegas & Boulder Highway
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Carpet Gallery 3: Mississippi Gulf Coast
gallery 3
Carpet Gallery 4: Reno/Sparks
gallery 4
Carpet Gallery 5: Atlantic City, New Jersey
gallery 5
Carpet Gallery 6: Clark County, Nevada

gallery 6

Carpet Gallery 7: Indian Casinos
gallery 7
Carpet Gallery 8: Riverboat Casinos
gallery 8
Carpet Gallery 9: Lake Tahoe/Carson City, Nevada
Carson City!

Interesting notes:

Out of the carpets I've seen, only Slots o' Fun uses specific gambling imagery

MGM Grand and New York-New York both reference their logos: MGM with the lion, NY-NY with skyscraper. Spacequest looks like something from space. Hard Rock has musical notes.

In general, there's been a shift in casino carpets since I started tracking them 3 years ago. Most Las Vegas casinos are moving towards earth tones and a more contemporary look--check out the Red Rock, for example. In five years, we might be back to swirling purples and day-glo flowers, but for now, most designers are toning it down.

If you see anything compelling, contact me. In fact, feel free to contact me for any insights at all, but please don't ask me to sell you carpet. I don't have any. As I said above, I just thought that taking pictures of casino carpets and putting them online would be whimsical. If you want more of an insight into the kind of person who would do such a thing, there may be clues in my books.

Feel free to use these as desktop wallpaper, but if you re-post them online, please give credit where it is due .

If you want to learn more about the history of gambling, check out my books.

Please spread word of this page. Let's make casino carpet the cult phenomenon it deserves to be.

Here's what some people have said about this gallery:

David Schwartz, bless his heart, has both the kind of mind that could conceive of this odd little online gallery and the... well, it takes some nerve to shoot photos in some of those locations. Weird and wonderful.

Angela Gunn, USA Today TechSpace

His fascination is likely to forever change the way we look at the floor. And it’s nice to know even carpet critics have a sense of humor.

Siobhan McAndrew, Reno Gazette-Journal

I always thought someone should take pictures of the often gaudy carpets of hotel ballrooms, but this guy did me one better.


[New York-New York] , and Vegas, is an assault on the senses right down to the eye-bleedingly vibrant carpets. So for your viewing pleasure Dr. David Schwartz of the Center for Gaming Research has collated a comprehensive gallery of casino carpets. They all look quite nice in discreet 430 pixel wide jpegs but a floor to floor carpet with the square footage of a small town is something else.

Gary Butcher, 30gms


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