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I guess this is what’s going to become of the Cosmopolitan. from the LV Sun:

Hilton Hotels Corp. of Beverly Hills, Calif., said Tuesday its creating an eclectic brand called Denizen Hotels and is working to bring that brand to Las Vegas and other major destinations.

"Denizen Hotels, a lifestyle brand that will attract business and leisure travelers across cultures and generations and has an authenticity that will appeal to today’s sensibilities, will be highlighted by exceptional design and service at an accessible price point," Hilton said in a statement, adding it will be part of Hiltons luxury portfolio that includes the Waldorf Astoria and Conrad Hotels & Resorts brands.

Hilton Hotels launching new brand in Vegas – Las Vegas Sun.

I don’t like pooh-poohing new ideas, but this brief description seems remarkably free of any real meaning. “Lifestyle brand” is empty corporate-speak, and by their very nature most hotels attract a range of travelers from different backgrounds, who have in common one thing: they don’t mind paying for their room. “Exceptional design and service at an accessible price point” is in the eye of the beholder–I certainly wouldn’t take their word for it.

Some specifics would let potential visitors make up their own minds. Obviously, you can’t have that for a “brand concept,” but without those specifics, the brand really doesn’t stand for anything.

Outside of saying, “we’re opening a new hotel,” does this sound like anything besides pretentious babble? In establishing a “brand” before anyone’s stayed in a room, they’ve really put the cart before the horse or, in this case, the room service.

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  1. I agree with your comments. Spend a couple minutes looking at the website and you’ll be even more underwhelmed.

  2. American Gaming Guru

    yawn. That is as good as an idea as it was sinking all that cash into a casino with a terrible layout. The troubles with the Cosmo will go on unfortunately.

  3. Its all fluff and no substance. No official statement by either Deutsche Bank or Hilton, only speculation and rumor. No chain is going to open a new brand, especially on on the Strip with the economy in the toilet.

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